Welcome to our company

First Vision Resources Sdn Bhd offers wide range of products and services, primarily to provide support for backroom operations and front-end services.

We have built an impressive portfolio of products. We have a long background in application development to suite our local banking and finance needs with strong technical history and background. We know the marketplace well and have wide-ranging contacts.

What we do

Turnkey Projects

We offer turnkey projects solutions by accepting complete responsibility for the development of application systems. The development work is carried either off-site or on-site by our team of experts lead by experienced Project Managers and Technical Leaders.

The analysis and system design and the actual implementation which includes gap analysis, program design, coding, testing and documentation are done off-site by staff members experienced in the latest software technology and development tools. This produces high quality software at substantial cost savings to our clients, throughout the implementation process.

The Project Managers and our Technical Teams are in constant contact with the clients, keeping them informed on the progress of the projects. These Project Managers and Technical Teams assume complete responsibility for the project and free up our valuable clients for other more important tasks.

Our Products and Services


We have developed and implemented varieties of application systems for the banking and finance industries. Some of the products that we have developed for our clients are:
* shares Collateral System                   * Unclaimed Monies Host System
* Centralized Collateral System           * Safe Deposit Box System
* Centralised CCRIS Host System      * Gold Bullion System
* Centralized Rates System                  * Bureau De Change System
* Multi-Currencies System                     * Bulk Cheque Printing System
* Anti-money Laundering System         * Human Resource Management System
* Remittance System

Why Choose Us?


First Vision Resources Sdn Bhd (FVR) is very well versed in the banking and finance application system as we have many years of experience and all our expertise are in these areas. Our key people have banking experiences range from 15 to 30 years. We develop variety of applications and solutions for our clients and most of our clients consist of local and international banks.