Safe Deposit Box

FV-eSDB is designed as the complete management system for the Safe Deposit Box Department.  The system will support golbal, regional or branch pricing with the ability to add a discount percentage to any box such as, Senior citizens, preferred customers, employees, etc.  The system incorporates a built-in tickler system and the ability to account for special charges such as drilling or new keys.


Income projection for any month is available.  FV-eSDB support maintaining of waiting lists for first available and specific box size.  Standard notices includes: Regular billing, Advisory, Past Due for 30, 60 and 90 days, and final notices.  Wordings on notices are user defined, no special printed forms are required and notices may be produced on an individual basis or all at one time.  Availability of reports include: available box list, customer waiting list, current customer list and mailing labels.


FV-eSDB is developed in compliant with the statutory requirements and governed by the Central Bank.


FV-eSDB provides financial institutions with cost-effective solution for safe deposit box processing and administration.  It is a comprehensive system encompassing inventory management, billing, reporting and transaction processing.


Customer service is enhanced because all informaiton relative to safe deposit boxes are available on-line.  Staff members can use the FV-eSDB user interface to access customer records, review billing information, and verify inventory.  For online queries, there are various combination of selection to facilitate the users to retrieve the required combination.



Key Benefits


§  Automated billing and customer notification

§  Automated delinquency tracking and reporting

§  Automated inventory management

§  Tracking and recording of entry and exiting the Safe Deposit Room

§  Comprehensive suite of management reports and statutory reporting

§  Discount calculations

§  Total revenue and identifies revenue components tracking

§  Notification, fee assessment and collection

§  Interface to MyKad biometric reader on customer verification

§  Eliminate manual record keeping

§  Parameterized system security access

§  Accounts reconciliation and generation of GL entries